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Due to its ideal weather for cycling, especially in the months between October and April, Cyprus has taken off as a destination for cycling enthusiasts both as a place to enjoy the sport and as a means to explore the island. The third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus combines attractive beaches with pine-clad peaks, busy modern towns and tranquil old stone villages, vineyards and olive groves and ancient monuments.

Cycle Routes

The planning of a fully signposted national cycle network, including the EuroVelo 8 route, is underway.

National information
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    Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is creating a national cycling network in Cyprus consisting of sign-posted routes in rural areas. A number of bike centres are available on the island offering rental services, route information, guide assistance and support. They can organise your journey to take you through a varied landscape combining mountain views, rugged coastlines, tranquil vineyards and olive groves and fascinating ancient ruins.

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