Sweden is a big, bike-friendly country with a well-developed network of cycle paths in and around its towns and cities and well-marked cycle routes around the country. Pannier packing cyclo-tourists will love the well-marked cycling routes here in organized Sweden; black for local district signs, green for national signs and blue for local signs. Cycling in one of Sweden’s major cities or towns? No problem – they all have extensive cycle path networks.
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    Cykelfrämjandet, the Swedish Cycle Advocacy Association, is the Swedish ECF member that facilitates cycle tourism in Sweden and is responsible for supervision of national cycle paths which coincide with the EuroVelo network. On the cykelframjandet website you will be able to access a brief description of Cykelspåret, the main national cycle path. A printed guidebook, Cykelspåret, contains colour maps and highlights cycling friendly service along the route. It can be ordered in Swedish or an English translation.

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    Visit Sweden

    Visit Sweden is a communications company that works to promote the brand Sweden and the Swedish destinations and experiences internationally. The Visit Sweden website provides a good introduction to cycling in Sweden.

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