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Be prepared for some island-hopping in Denmark. The Baltic route follows the Danish national route no. 8 from Jutland over the isles Als, Funen, Taasinge, Langeland, Lolland, Falster, Bogoe and Moen before reaching (the island) Zealand. Some of the isles are connected by bridges, other by bicycle-friendly ferries. On Zealand EV 10 joins Danish national route no. 9 and continues to Copenhagen. In total 360 km. From Copenhagen it is by train over the famous bridge to Malmoe, Sweden. The Danish national route no. 8 is undergoing some major changes in 2016-2017. The route is being transformed from an A to B route to a huge loop with a total length of over 800 km. The EV10 will keep its overall itinerary but will see some minor changes, so that the Island of Aerø will be included in the future route.
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