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Breathtaking views of the colossal sand dunes on the Curonian Spit – one of the treasures of UNESCO‘s World Heritage List, relaxing blue flag beaches on the Baltic seashore, and more than 500 years of authentic culture and architecture – on a bicycle it‘s all within your reach! ... this is the EuroVelo 10 in Lithuania overlapping with the Seaside Cycle Route, which is the first officially signposted, high quality cycle route in the country opened 7 years ago. It leads more than 100 km along the sea from the Latvian border in the North to the Russian (Kaliningrad Region) border in the South, with the historic coastal town of Klaipeda (known as Memel for many years) in the middle of the route. Due to good ferry connections with Germany and Sweden, as well as direct flights from Copenhagen (DK), Oslo (NO) and Riga (LV), many tourist tend to begin or end their bike ride in Klaipeda. Nowadays it's a bustling, modern town offering many excellent leisure options and, of course, rental of high quality bikes and cycle tour packages along the route.
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