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The route from Daugavpils, Latvia's second city , to the Latvian-Estonian border city Valga, is about 660 kilometres long. By cycling this route, travellers can learn about Latvian heritage and cultural history, visit the most popular tourist sights and experience the daily lives of the local inhabitants. The route crosses several protected natural territories of European importance – national parks, scenic areas, and the biosphere reserve. About a half of the route goes through Latvian South-East region Latgale, famous for its lakes (including lake Lubāns, Latvia's largest), beautiful landscapes, and religious monuments such as the Aglona Basilica. In the central region the route passes through the Gauja river National park and the historical towns of Sigulda and Cēsis, two of the most beautiful in the country. The route is currently partly realised - the only fully signposted rural section is between Sigulda and Valga Cycling is quite safe, the route goes mainly via asphalt- or gravel- surfaced, low-traffic roads. It must be taken into account that the quality of gravel roads does change depending on weather conditions.
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