Euro Velo 11 corridor runs mainly through the central parts of Serbia. Entering Serbia from Hungary at the border town of Djala, "East European Route" is cutting split northern province of Vojvodina all the way until it reaches city of Belgrade (Beograd - White City). Along the Vojvodina route bike tourists will be thrilled with the beautiful scenic view of plains nature, rivers that runs through the vast agricultural fields, forested hunting grounds, and small, old, Austro-Hungarian style architectured villages and towns that lay quietly and timelessly in the flat and spacious green-yellow-orange coloured plains. Moving southward to the region of Banat, passengers are entering traditional Pannonian landscapes, culture, cuisine and warm welcome to visitors in the towns of Titel (birthplace of Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein's wife), Senta, Pancevo and Kovacica. After visiting Deliblato sends - the largest European continental send territory - route is crossing river Danube, and goes through the city of wine and grapes (city of Smederevo), moving south into the central parts of Serbia. Getting into the heart of the country, trace of the EV11 route is similar to the antique trace of "Road to Constantinopol". These central parts along the route are places of several significant churches with very large cultural and historical merit, and they are declared as a monument of exceptional value. The area surrounding city of Leskovac is a nature lovers dream come true. Entire region following route to the south towards city of Nis and state border is a nature gem and "must-see" to all passengers. Leaving Serbia at the town of Jablanica, tourist have become witnesses of outstanding nature, and cultural monuments in these parts.
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National information
  • Djala - Pancevo - Smederevo - Krusevac - Nis - Jablanica

    National tourism organisation of Serbia

    The National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (TOS) was founded in 1994 as a government organisation to promote and improve tourism in the Republic of Serbia in both the domestic and foreign tourism markets, with the aim of affirming the value and potential of the country’s tourist industry. TOS is the legal successor of the former Tourist Association of Serbia. TOS activities focus on positioning Serbian tourism on the domestic and international markets and evaluating the comparative advantages of Serbia with respect to tourism, such as the country’s geographical location and historical, cultural and natural identity.

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  • Djala - Pancevo - Smederevo - Krusevac - Nis - Jablanica

    YugoCycling Campaign (YCC)

    YugoCycling Campaign (YCC) is Serbian bicycle organisation with aims to promote non-competitive bicycling in Serbia, creating safe and enviromental conditions for everyday bicycle mobility and improving education of young people about benefits of using bicycle in everyday life. YugoCycling Campaign was established 15 years ago, with 500 members so far (from the whole Serbia). Organisation is involved in dozen of different projects, mostly on promoting cycling in cities as well as cycle-tourism. YCC is a national coordinator in Serbia for “European Mobility Week”, from 2001 – coordinated events in more than 60 cities so far. Also, YCC is a member of European Cycling Federation (ECF) and responsible partner for the Serbian EuroVelo network at the European Cycling Federation.

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  • All parts - Serbia

    Serbian Railways

    Basic activity: carriage of passengers and goods, hauling the trains and maintenance of traction units, trains and rolling stock, track maintenance and inspection, inspection of other permanent way and station structures and installations, maintenance and assembling of devices, plants and installations, etc.

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