In Germany, the EuroVelo 2 long-distance cycle route leads along D-Route 3, a route in the German cycle network. This route of 960 km in length passes through natural surrounds, and offers versatile opportunities for both new experiences and relaxation. From Vreden on the Dutch border, the route leads through Münsterland, Teutoburg Forest, the Weser Hills, the Harz mountain range, Fläming nature park, Märkische Schweiz and Oderbruch inland delta to Küstrin-Kietz on the Polish border. The route traverses the stunning Weser and Saale riverscapes, and takes cyclists past the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, along with a number of other UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
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National information
  • Vreden - Küstrin-Kietz

    Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad- Club (ADFC) e.V.

    The ADFC is a nationwide, not-for-profit organisation with 155.000 members whose shared aim is to make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Besides encouraging environmentally-friendly and therefore sustainable forms of transport, the ADFC provides advice on all aspects of cycling. This includes advice on buying a bike, technology and cycling accessories and on tourism-related and political issues.

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  • Vreden - Küstrin-Kietz

    German Tourism Center e.V. , DZT

    For more than 60 years, the DZT promotes Germany abroad, on behalf of the federal government. It advertises the touristic diversity of Germany throughout the world. It therefore advertises for one of the biggest and most popular brands - the travel country Germany. A selection of attractive long distance cycle routes can be found on with route descriptions and references of Bed+Bike establishments.

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  • The Hague - Berlin

    R1 Euroroute

    Following EuroVelo 2 from The Hague to Berlin, this site provides touristic information on cycling along this route.

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  • Vreden-Zwillbrock - Küstrin-Kietz

    D-Route 3

    This website contains information on the German D-Route 3, with a description of the route, an electronic map, as well as services along the route like accommodation, bookable offers and points of interest.

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Regional information
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    Visit Lower Saxony

    On this route you can expect gentle hills that offer one magnificent view after another out over meadows and forests. Colourful half-timbered towns and imposing palaces and castles with intriguing and impressive historical backgrounds take cyclists on a journey into bygone days. It makes for truly great cycling tourism.

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