Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland

The Capitals Route reaches it's western most point in City of Galway in the West of Ireland. This route is currently under development and when completed, will be traffic free for most of its length. While some sections can be cycled at present there is no continuous route in place as yet. The first section of the route from Dublin westwards will be on canal tow path as far as Mullingar in the midlands. Some sections of this have been surfaced and can be cycled but much of the canal towpath still has a rough grass surface (OK for a mountain bike). West of Mullingar the route will be on disused railway and other traffic free options but this section has not yet been developed. Work is currently in progress to do this. The development of this route is being managed by the National Roads Authority (NRA) who are working on the project with the local authorities along the route. (The image above shows a section along the Royal Canal which has been surfaced and is suitable for cycling)
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  • Galway - Dublin

    Galway to Dublin Cycleway

    The Dublin to Galway Cycleway is set to be a world class recreational trail, providing a unique means for visitors and domestic users to access the beauty and diversity of Ireland over a 276km corridor linking the two cities . This website has the most up to date information on the progress of the route which is due to be finished by 2020.

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