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The French part of EuroVelo 3, called "La Scandibérique", with its 1.600 km of routes, represents the biggest cycling route in France. Starting at the Belgian border, the itinerary follows the Sambre and Oise valleys and then the Route Stevenson® along the canal, then goes through the Île-de-France, the Loire valley and the Poitou to reach the Gascogne, its pine forests and vineyards. The route finishes in the Pyrenees at Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, high place of confluence of the St. Jacques de Compostella paths. The Sandibérique is only partially realised (official launch: summer 2017). At the moment there is no information available on the routes or services linked to the itinerary, but a dedicated website for spring 2017 is planned. But you can check the website of France Vélo Tourisme.
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  • Jeumont - Saint Jean Pied-de-Port

    La Scandibérique

    The Scandibérique crosses France diagonally to offer you its most iconic landmarks: its terroirs and capital city. In France, the Scandibérique therefore invites you to discover its showcase and back kitchen. It is a trip through the heart of France, offering a discovery of the peacefulness of its valleys and glowing cities, tasting its best wines and succumb to the most beautiful jewels of its cultural and historical heritage. The website dedicated to the Scandibérique will be put online in 2016. Meanwhile, you can check the website of France Vélo Tourisme for some information on the route.

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