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The route from Rajka to Mohács along the Danube river is known for its outstanding natural and cultural attractions. The Roman 'Limes' along the Danube, the fortresses of Komárom and Komarno, the natural landscape of the Danube Bend and the banks of the Danube in Budapest are all important heritage attractions offering visitors enjoyable diversions when they fancy a break from their bike.
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The whole Hungarian section of the Danube is protected as a Natura 2000 Site providing endangered species with vital habitats, such as the famous Gemenc Forest. The quality of the route and the level of connected services are under continuous development.  For example, general upgrading of the Rajka–Budapest section is scheduled for 2019. Until then, we recommend you to go through the Mária Valéria Bridge between Esztergom and Stúrovo, and carry on on the Slovakian side until Letkés on the Hungarian side, through the river Ipel / Ipoly, then turn south to reach Szob, from where you can carry on again on the EuroVelo6 bicycle route on the left bank of the Danube. There are several possibilities of passing to the right bank agaian at the bridges of Budapest.

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