The Romanian section of EuroVelo 6, between Bazias and the Black Sea, represents over a third of the Danube's total length at 1075 km. You can start your Romanian experience cycling along the Danube through Bela Crkva/ Naidas, or you can cross the Danube by boat at Moldova Veche.
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From Bazias to Drobeta Turnu-Severin you can enjoy a spectacular natural landscape formed over centuries by the river passing through the Banat Mountains. The road is paved and cars pass only occasionally, so you can enjoy a silent and colorful landscape.
From Drobeta Turnu-Severin onwards the Danube flows along a large plain where you can enjoy relaxed riding in a peaceful landscape and experience warm greetings from the local people.
From Calarasi, you have the option to follow the Danube to Tulcea and then to follow the Black Sea coast to Constanta - the main city at the Black Sea, or to go directly to Constanta and then to visit the Danube Delta when you are returning.

National information
  • Drobeta-Turnu-Severin - Constanta

    Danube Bike

    A Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border project, Danube Bike provides information about the EuroVelo 6 route on either side of the river. For each town city and region the route passes through you will find information on available accomodation, sights, events and local businesses.

    Route descriptionPrinted materialCycle friendly services (accommodation, cafes, restaurants etc.)Points of interest / attractions etc.Cycle Events

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  • Drobeta-Turnu-Severin - Constanta

    EuroVelo 6 / Romania

    Step-by-step description of the route accompanied by an e-map and information about public transport connections.

    Route descriptionElectronic maps / GPS tracksPublic transport connectionsCycle friendly services (accommodation, cafes, restaurants etc.)Points of interest / attractions etc.

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  • Orșova - Călărași

    Turul Dunării

    A Romanian-Bulgarian project developed by to investigate one segment of the EuroVelo 6 route on the Romanian side of the Danube. The route investigated covers the 800 kilometers distance between Oravița and Călărași.

    Route descriptionElectronic maps / GPS tracksPoints of interest / attractions etc.

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