The EuroVelo 6 section in Serbia follows the Danube river, one of the largest European rivers. The route is entirely realised.
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Euro Velo 6 enters through the northern regions of Serbia near the town of Backi Breg. Along the south, just near the Serbo-Croatian state border the route follows the Danube and it's meandering line. This region (Gornje Podunavlje) comprises big marshes along the left bank of the Danube River, and it is as a protected area and Special Nature Reserve with the destinction as heaven of biodiversity. Later on, the EuroVelo 6 enters the city of Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia, passing the charming old historical town and fortress of Petrovaradin, located on the opposing side of Novi Sad, across the Danube. Making its way towards the capital, Belgrade, the route follows the moutain Fruska Gora and its famous vineyards. Towards the south stands the urban region of Belgrade, with its network of motorways and roads. Going further, following the vicinity of the river, lays Smederevo, the city of grapes and wine. Old Serbian crafts, tales, beliefs and customs are presented there. Archaeological sites, antique monuments and medieval fortifications are cultural highlights of the area. The largest national park in Serbia, the Djerdap National Park, is protected, as well as its cultural monuments, fauna and flora. It is often called the 'river national park' because of the important role played by the Danube river. The Iron Gate, the largest and longest gorge in Europe, is also a natural botanical garden and the biggest open-air archeological museum in Europe.

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  • Backi Breg - Novi Sad - Beograd - Smederevo - Kladovo - Negotin

    National tourism organisation of Serbia

    Many European cycling tour operators include Serbia on their itineraries. The Danube Bike Trail (DBT) passes through Serbia and bears the designation EuroVelo-Route 6 which means that it lies on the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Atlantic – Black Sea route. In addition to providing fun for amateur cyclists, Serbia’s diverse landscape is also perfect for the International Cycling Race – Tour de Serbie, founded in 1939. There are two more famous routes passing through Serbia - EuroVelo 11 (East Europe Route) and EuroVelo13 (Iron Curtain Trail)

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  • Backi Breg - Novi Sad - Beograd - Smederevo - Kladovo - Negotin

    YugoCycling Campaign (YCC)

    YugoCycling Campaign (YCC) is the Serbian bicycle organisation with aims to promote non-competitive bicycling in Serbia, creating safe and enviromental conditions for everyday bicycle mobility and improving education of young people about benefits of using bicycle in everyday life. YugoCycling Campaign was established 15 years ago, with 500 members so far (from the whole Serbia). The organisation is involved in a dozen of different projects, mostly on promoting cycling in cities as well as cycle-tourism. YCC is a national coordinator in Serbia for “European Mobility Week”, from 2001 – coordinated events in more than 60 cities so far. Also, YCC is a member of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) and responsible partner for the Serbian EuroVelo network at the European Cyclists' Federation.

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    Serbian Railways

    Basic activity: carriage of passengers and goods, hauling the trains and maintenance of traction units, trains and rolling stock, track maintenance and inspection, inspection of other permanent way and station structures and installations, maintenance and assembling of devices, plants and installations, etc.

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