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Basel - Ulm

The section from the cultural capital of Switzerland, Basel, passing through the largest lake of Germany, the lake of Konstanz, will make you follow the upper Rhine before starting your Danube experience at the very beginning of this powerful European river.

Starting in the dynamic and culturally rich city of Basel in Switzerland, you will start the section by following the Rhine upper river till the lake of Konstanz. As the river separates Switzerland and Germany you can switch from one side to another and experience the Rhine on both sides. Just before the impressive Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen you will pass by pittoresque vineyards and sunflower fields. The lake Constance is worth a trip on its own. The tourism is well developed, but nevertheless conserving the natural environment that makes it a pleasant cycling experience.

Even if Donaueschingen is generally referred as the place where the Danube River has its source, EuroVelo 6 meets the Danube, 30 kilometers further East in Tüttlingen. The route along the longest river in Europe starts here on the meanders of the Danube, in the Black Forest (Bade-Württemberg). During the first part of the stage, cyclists ride through the Upper Danube Nature Reserve and reach Sigmaringen where is located Schloss Sigmaringen, an impressive castle which used to belong to the Hohenzollern family. Then, EuroVelo 6 follows the Danube on perfectly rideable routes till Ulm, the end of the section, birthplace of Albert Einstein and home to world's highest church steeple and a contrasting glass pyramid library.

  • Rhine Falls, Switzerland

    Near Schaffhausen the Rhine River offers visitors the glorious spectacle of the largest waterfall in Europe. At a width of 150 m and a height of 23 m, an average of 700 m3 of water rushes over the cliffs each second.

  • Augst, Switzerland

    The former Roman city of Augusta Raurica offers over 20 places of interest, including the best preserved ancient theater north of the Alps, a unique, restored Roman house and the Roman domestic animal park.

  • Basel, Switzerland

    The beautiful city of Basel with its charming old town and relaxed way of life not only invites to stroll around, but has also an incredible cultural offer with world class theatres, museums, galleries and events taking place throughout the year.

  • Thermal baths of Bad Zurzach, Switzerland

    The story of Bad Zurzach spa starts in 1914, when hot spring water was discovered by chance while drilling for salt. Nowadays, you can relax here in Switzerland's largest open-air thermal spa.

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