Budapest - Belgrade Budapest - Belgrade

Budapest - Belgrade

This stage links the Hungarian and the Serbian capital cities and passes through rural areas of three countries: Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.

After leaving the lively and vibrant city of Budapest, cyclists face a totally different environment but as much pleasant. The rural and agricultural areas of southern Hungary along the Danube offer new landscapes and many opportunities to meet the local and warm population. The Hungarian part of the itinerary ends at the border with Croatia and Serbia, in the Duna-Drava national park located on the meanders of the Danube.

Cyclists have the choice between the Croatian and the Serbian sections of EuroVelo 6. On the right, EuroVelo 6 runs through the Croatian countryside. During the first kilometers, before reaching Osijek and its fortress, cycling is the ideal way to discover the high natural diversity of the vast Nature Park «Kopački Rit». Then EuroVelo 6 links some Croatian ports on the Danube, including the Phoenix City of Vukovar which terribly suffered during the War of Independence (1991) and Ilok, the most eastern city in Croatia.

In Serbia, the route follows the left bank of the Danube and passes in a selection of natural parks such as Gornje Podunavlje Nature Park, Special Nature Reserve Karađorđevo and Nature Park Tikvara. Next to Novi Sad, the second city of Serbia, the Croatian and the Serbian meet to finally reach the Capital: Belgrade. However, before enjoying the vibrant night life of Belgrade, Petrovaradin Fortress which is on the way is worth a visit.

  • Kopački Rit wetland Nature Park, Croatia

    The Kopački Rit Nature Park is also called the European Amazon, situated in the central part of the Danube floodplain in Croatia. Due to its rich ecosystem counting more than 260 bird species it has been declared protected area in 1967. Guided tourist visits by panoramic ships, boats, team of horses or on foot are available.

  • Gemenc Forest, Hungary

    The Gemenc Forest is located along the Danube, being one of the biggest wilderness reserve of the Hungary. You can use the local forestry trains and wonder along the deers in this place to have a little rest of cycling - but there are also bicycle paths if you feel like exploring the wilderness!

  • Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia

    The fortress of Petrovaradin in Novi Sad is located on the right bank of the Danube river. The fortress is worth a visit for its cultural heritage, as well as the nice view it gives on the Danube river.

  • Halászlé, Hungary

    The Hungarian fisherman's soup is, at its core, made from spicy paprika and fish and originally comes from Hungary. However, there are geographical differences whether you live in the city of Paks or Baja. The only way to find out which is the best one, is to try all out!

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