Nantes - Nevers Nantes - Nevers

Nantes - Nevers

The luminous Loire is wild in parts, more generous in others, with prestigious vineyards along its banks, as well as historic mariners’ towns and a fabulous Nature Reserve. The itinerary is easy, a delight for fans of culture and local produce.

Leaving Nantes, you will pass by contemporary art installations in the outskirts of the city where the large Loire river mixes with the salty sea water. In the Anjou area you will find nice river islands and vine covered slopes, covering subterranean caves among which some cultivate mushrooms. After Anjou you will reach the ‘Garden of France’ offering delicious local products and intellectual inspiration as home to geniuses as Rabelais, Ronsard and Balzac.

Between Tours and Blois you will enter the section which is probably the most iconographic for the Loire valley: the kings’ castles valley (UNESCO World heritage). The castles are emblematic for the majestic lifestyles the aristocracy had at the time, sharing its splendor with the cyclists.

Following the river, the visitor is rewarded by civilizational requisites of the ancient Roman empire. The famous canal-bridge of Briare, partly built by Eiffel offers a splendid gateway that marks the end of the UNESCO site when coming from Nantes. At the end of the section you will arrive to Nevers.

  • Loire vineyards, France

    The vineyards of the Loire valley already seduced Ronsard, du Bellay and Baudelaire with its rich and diversified vine and gastronomic culture. Numerous vineyards open their doors for wine tastings, often also offering food.

  • Château de Chambord, France

    The royal Château de Chambord is one of the most famous castles in France. The eclectic style between renaissance and medieval heritage of the castle with its minarets and spectacular staircases will let visitors stunned by its beauty. The section has numerous other castles to offer, that are all worth a visit.

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