Nevers - Basel Nevers - Basel

Nevers - Basel

The stage from Nevers to Basel passes through Southern Burgundy with its world-famous wines, the region of Franche-Comté until it reaches the pittoresque city of Basel at the junction of Germany, Switzerland and France.

The stage begins with a pretty route passing through Southern Burgundy along characterful towns, industrial heritage and famous vineyards. The stage continues on pleasant waterside routes alongside beautiful natural areas. The area around the magnificent Franche-Compté capital Besançon will reward you with historic towns beneath dramatic slopes and rocks. Following the Canal du Rhône you will arrive in Southern Alsace with a rich cultural and gastronomic offer before arriving to the beautiful Swiss city of Basel.

  • Citadel of Besançon, France

    The citadels' strategic importance was recognised as early as 58 BC by Julius Cesar. Designed by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, the citadel is not only worth a visit itself, but also home to 7 different museums such as the museum of natural history that includes a zoo, an insectarium and an aquarium.

  • Mulhouse, France

    The formerly industrial city of Mulhouse in Alsace has managed to transform itself into a livable and interesting citiy. The various museums invite to discover the industrial post of the city, such as the automobile museum.

  • Basler Läckerli, Switzerland

    The Basler Läckerli is a Swiss biscuit made from hazelnuts, honey, almonds, Kirsch and a sugar glaze. The perfect energy-bar replacement for your ride on the EuroVelo 6.

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