Passau - Vienna Passau - Vienna

Passau - Vienna

The most popular section on the Danube takes you from Passau to Vienna though fertile plains and the oldest town of Austria, Enns.

The Passau – Vienna stage which starts in Germany is an Austrian stage since the Danube leaves Passau to directly reach the Austrian soil. Few kilometers on the Passau-Vienna section will make you understand why it is one of the most famous and most used stages of EuroVelo 6. Generally-speaking, the entire section is perfect for a bike ride since the route runs on comfortable flat roads along the Danube, mostly on both sides of the river. In addition, the varied landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of the different cities and towns make the trip even more enjoyable.

You pedal for a while in Passau streets and you arrive in Austria. The very first kilometers of EuroVelo 6 in Austria, are maybe a bit “confusing” since the route which is going eastwards turns suddenly to go Westwards before following the Eastern direction again. This is due to the loop the Danube does in Upper Austria to overpass granite obstacles. However this strange itinerary creates a splendid landscape. The following section is quieter and takes you to Linz, the Capital of Upper Austria and also the European Capital of Culture in 2009 where amateurs of architecture and art will be pleased.

Enns, the oldest town of Austria and Melk and its wonderful Baroque Benedictine Monastery are worth a stop on the right bank of the Danube before reaching Wachau region which produces an excellent wine. Finally, EuroVelo 6 arrives in Vienna the Austrian capital city and its numerous architectural and cultural jewels.

  • Linz, Austria

    "Linz.change(d)" – the official slogan of the city already indicates the future-orientation of this city of art, crowned by the UNESCO City of Media Arts title which combines culture, nature and industry. For gourmets, the Linz tart - said to be the oldest tart on earth - should not be missed out!

  • Donauinselfest Vienna, Austria

    The Donauinselfest is an open-air free music concert taking place on the Donauinsel, an island on the Danube, near the Austrian capital of Vienna. Usually taking place in the summer, in June, the festival is a great way to have fun after a long ride on the EuroVelo 6.

  • Vienna, Austria

    The classical city of music, sciences and empires captures visitors with its outstanding beauty and charme. Weather to visit the traditional balls, take a ride at the Prater or explore the fashion scene - Vienna, whose city centre has been declared UNESCO world heritage site, offers something for every taste.

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