Ruse - Constanța Ruse - Constanța

Ruse - Constanța

For the last stage, EuroVelo 6 route runs only on the Romanian soil, from the Bulgarian-Romanian border passing the wonderful Danube Delta to the Black Sea in Constanta.

From Silistra to Cernavoda, the route follows the Danube for less than 100 kiometers and arrives to the point where cyclists must choose between the Black Sea, a hundred kilometers further East and the Danube Delta, northwards, and its majestic natural reserve.

With the first option, cyclists follow the Canalul Dunare Marea Neagra (Danube–Black Sea Canal) to reach the coast of the Black Sea in Constanta, the main Romanian city on the Seaside. However, in doing so, cyclists miss the Danube Delta area, one of the best preserved area in Europe.

The second option leads cyclists along the last meanders of the Danube. After a first section in Cernavoda and Galati, EuroVelo 6 runs along the Moldavian and Ukrainian border and finally enters in the Danube Delta area, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Boat excursions with a local fisherman or birdwatching sessions are worth a stop.

The very last part of EuroVelo allows a relaxing moment along the sunny Romanian Black Sea beaches before reaching the final destination point: Constanta.



  • Constanta, Romania

    The port city of Romania looks back on 2500 years of history, offering archaeological treasures as well as a vivid nightlife. The photo shows the art nouveau casino on the Black sea coast. © Gaspar Serrano (Flickr)

  • Danube Delta, Romania

    The wildlife paradise at the end of 1,788 miles from the Danube source is one of the last of its kind in Europe. The delta hosts the highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe, a total of 3,450 animal species and some amazing resorts to relax end enjoy this magnificent place.

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