Ulm - Passau Ulm - Passau

Ulm - Passau

From the Gateway of Bavaria, Ulm, EuroVelo 6 takes you through beautiful valleys and typical Bavarian towns.

Entering Bavaria, your German skills might be challenged by a typical pronunciation and the Bavarian way of life. The route entirely follows the Danube, where you will pass through well preserved medieval town centres and gorgeous river valleys. The route is quiet and mostly flat.


Don't miss the monastery at Weltenburg and the city of Regensburg on your way. The Roman city's settlement dates back to the stone age. The gothic cathedral and the main tourist attraction "Regensburg Sausage Kitchen" call for your visit of this beautiful bavarian city. The section ends in Passau, a romantic German border town partly located on a Danube island. 

  • Bavarian Weisswurst, Germany

    The traditional Bavarian Weisswurst (white sausage) is traditionally served with sweet mustard and a pretzel. On the EuroVelo 6 through Bavaria, the Weisswurst is a particular culinary highlight after a long ride through the valleys and towns of Bavaria.

  • Ulm Minster, Germany

    With its 161 meter high steeple, the Ulm minster ist the biggest evangelic church in Germany and the tallest church in the world. Despite the second world war bombings of the city, the minster stayed almost intact. Nowadays you can visit the church through (guided) tours and visit the steeple itself, which offers a nice change from the long bike ride.

  • Regensburg, Germany

    Medieval UNESCO heritage, one of the most visited towns of Germany and home to the famous Saint Peter's church, Regensburg has its very distinctive charme that shouldn't be missed.

  • Gäubodenvolksfest Straubing, Germany

    The Oktoberfest in Munich might be bigger and more famous, but this traditional and second biggest fair of Bavaria won't disappoint lovers of folklore and 1l beer glasses, called Maß. The fair counts more than one million visitors per year and takes place in August.

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