EuroVelo 9 is currently not realised in Poland but the 'corridors' have been agreed and work has begun on identifying a detailed itinerary. In future, the trail will start at the city of Gdańsk (the second most popular tourist destination in Poland after Krakow), then it will pass along the Vistula river bank southwards through the cities of Tczew, Grudziadz, Bydgoszcz and Inowrocław. From there it will go west (following the same route as EuroVelo 2) to the historical city of Poznań passing by the old capital city of Poland: Gniezno. From Poznań, EuroVelo 9 heads southwards through the cities of Ostrów and Wielkopolski towards the city of Wrocław on the Odra river. From there it continues to Głuchołazy on the Polish / Czech border in the Sudety mountains. The Polish section will be one of the flattest segments of the entire Baltic-Adriatic trail making it ideal cycling territory for those with children. It will also take cycling tourists to a great number of natural and historical sites such as the Landscape Park of the Lower Vistula Valley and the Wielkopolski National Park. The full route is planned to be realised by the years 2017/2018. For those attempting to travel the route today, some segments have been completed but they are not yet connected. Please bear in mind though that high levels of car traffic can be found on some of Poland's roads, particularly during the summer months, which some inexperienced cyclists may not be used to. Also, not all public transport hubs cater for cyclists yet.
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