The journey of a lifetime: 4 months along the EuroVelo 6

Two years ago Matthias and Barbara quit their jobs in Munich and decided to embark on a long-term bike journey. But not like typical backpackers! They wanted to try something completely new. After conducting some research, they decided to cycle along the EuroVelo 6- Atlantic-Black Sea Route and absolutely fell in love with the Balkans.

We, Matthias and Barbara, quit our jobs in Munich and decided that after a long time without travelling, we wanted to embark on a long-term journey. But not like typical backpackers! We wanted to try something completely new. Since we always liked cycling and already cycled for several days in Bavaria, we decided to do a long- distance cycle trip. After conducting some research, we decided to cycle along the EuroVelo 6 from Austria, via Slowakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania along the Danube. This seemed to be a very appealing itinerary to us since we always had a keen interest in Eastern Europe.

After several weeks of intensive preparation and planning we finally started our trip in the end of May 2015. We didn’t really know what to expect, but this was exactly what seemed so appealing to us: Adventure, freedom, and 4 months of time. In our panniers we carried a tent and a cooking set, which made us even more independent.

The first week in Austria was marked by rain, many detours (which were caused by floods) and a not very well-functioning navigation system. But as of Bratislava, the trip started to be very pleasant and beautiful. We were fascinated by the natural beauty, the kindness of the people and the travel by bike.Cycling has the perfect pace to get to know a country and its people very well.

We were very warmly welcomed and hosted by a family in Hungary. After this, Serbia surprised us as well. Where, we came in contact with many locals, the majority of which spoke excellent English.In fact we had such an amazing time in Serbia that we spent 2 months there (among others in Sombor, Novi Sad, Belgrad, Kovin and at the Silver Lake). That's slow travel at its best ! Even if this messed up our initial travel schedule, this is still exactly how we prefer to travel: Slow and conscious.Staying in a place if we like it and moving on if we don’t.

Even though, two years have already passed the journey stays with us. It was so amazing and unique, it left so many impressions and let us get to know so many remarkable people, that we decided a few months ago to write a book about our experiences.

Among others the book contains 29 short stories about the whole itinerary with all its ups and downs and 45 inspiring photo collages.In our recently published e-book, we also share our experiences with the planning  and organization of such a long-distance trip, including a lot of tips, our personal highlights along the route and many useful links. 

One year after our trip, Matthias embarked on another journey to discover the origins of the Danube River, which he describes in a separate chapter and in which he emphasizes that Germany has also very beautiful and hidden places to discover.

This phenomenal first long-distance cycling tour experience, marked us in many ways. On the one hand, it triggered our interest for the Balkan region (this is why we are currently travelling in Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania). On the other hand, we absolutely fell in love with travelling by bike and are planning to discover the Baltic Sea region later on this summer. We are already looking forward, to step in our pedals on the EuroVelo 10. If you want, you can follow us on our next journey through our blog or social media accounts.