Winter Cycling

More than 20,000 people were recorded cycling on the EuroVelo 10 – Baltic Sea Cycle Route in Poland this winter. It shows us that cyclists are not deterred by cold and snowy weather. Winter cycling is a booming sector, with companies being created every year to accommodate this growing demand. To learn more about this topic, we met with a tour operator in Austria.
Winter Cycling

Alpine Fatbike

Cycling on mountain trails covered by snow or on frozen lakes is possible thanks to ”fat bikes”. These bikes were already created a few decades ago and can ride on soft and unstable ground thanks to oversized tires. More and more shops, located in touristic destinations, rent them out for self-guided or guided tours.

A tour will generally last three hours and is adapted to the target group, with trail rides developed for beginners and pure downhill runs made for more experienced cyclists. It is also possible to combine the tour with a cultural visit of the region in question. You can rent bikes at any time during the day and enjoy cycling in the glorious scenery, whether it is at sunset or during the night when the moonlight is reflected on the snow.

 ©Alpine Fatbike©Alpine Fatbike

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With Alpine Fatbike, a company created in Austria in 2014, you will discover the exotic region of Schladming-Dachstein and have the opportunity to meet many people who, like you, enjoy discovering the mountain in a different way.  You will cycle alongside people in horse-drawn sleighs, doing cross-country skiing or horseback riding. More than 500 people come every year to rent fat bikes, with 50% of them being foreigners.

Fat-biking on snow offers a unique and authentic experience. It is perfect for skiers, non-skiers, cyclists and adrenaline junkies among others, who want to discover the thrills of going down a snowy trail.