World e-bike record on EuroVelo routes!

The Australian couple Gary and Rachel Corbett have just set a new world record for the longest e-bike tour when they overtook the previous best of 16,047 km in January. They can look back on an exciting 220 day trip, which has taken in many of the EuroVelo routes in 12 different countries.

The two E-Bike tourists broke the world record on the Algarve section of EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route in Portugal on 20th January.  And it doesn’t look like they want to stop cycling! With at least two more years of planned e-biking in front of them, Rachel said there was no knowing what their final kilometre total will be when they eventually call it quits!

Since day one of the record-breaking ride Gary said both of their trekking e-bikes had performed brilliantly while riding through all sorts of terrain in temperatures ranging from below freezing to above 40 degrees.  No need for taking a break then according to the cycling enthusiasts.

After continuing to cycle in Europe until August 2016, when they hope to have cycled about 25,000km, their plan is to return to Australia for further e-biking during the summer months there before hopefully travelling to the USA in 2017 to continue their record-breaking ride.

So there is no end in sight for this remarkable couple and their motivation couldn’t be bigger: “Wherever and whenever we get the opportunity, we love to let people know why e-bikes are such a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport for people of all ages and fitness levels.”


Update 9.2.2016: They have now up to 17,100kms on their counter, cycling through Cyprus until May when they will return to Portugal to start e-biking through Portugal to Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Hungary before eventually returning to Australia.

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